74 Correct

I've given it a week for peeps to pour over the Virgin Digital advert picture I posted last week and I think that's long enough. If you don't want to know the answers just yet, stop reading now as all the answers and details are coming right up...

Right, so you've got this far, you obviously want to see the answers.

First - where I got the picture - from Virgin Digital of course. Click the "See the Poster" link on this page.

How I verified the answers - on the Virgin Digital main page, there is a link in the bottom right hand corner where you can enter the competition to win an Alienware PC and 1 year's free music (US only :-(). The nice thing about this competition page is it tells you how many you got correct once you've submitted your answers. It was also this page that alerted me to the fact that there was an inch or two missing from the left hand side of the image I posted (which is the image from the Virgin Digital site).

Now, this site also posts the answers to the script that does the checking using GET, so a little bit of network snooping and I soon established that you can verify answers one at a time, without having to fill the form in by using the following URL - https://dev.heavy.com/contests/virgin/results.php?answer1= and simply append the answer you want to check, in lowercase after the "=". This will return "num_correct=0&answers=Array" for an incorrect answer and "num_correct=1&answers=Array" for a correct answer.

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for - the confirmed list of 74 correct answers:

1. The Cars
2. Blondie
3. Pink
4. Cranberries
5. Eminem
6. Pavement
7. Scissor Sisters
8. The Police
9. The Roots
10. Iron Maiden
11. Queen
12. Prince
13. Led Zeppelin
14. eels
15. White Zombie
16. B-52s
17. Sex Pistols
18. Radiohead
19. Blur
20. Gorillaz
21. The Pixies
22. Guns N' Roses
23. Smashing Pumpkins
24. The Lemonheads
25. Scorpions
26. Crowded House
27. Cornershop
28. The Cult
29. The Doors
30. Twisted Sister
31. 50 Cent
32. Talking Heads
33. Cypress Hill
34. Seal
35. Madonna
36. Deep Purple
37. Skinny Puppy
38. Ratt
39. Hole
40. Garbage
41. Yellowman
42. The Killers
43. White Stripes
44. Korn
45. U2
46. The Rolling Stones
47. KISS
48. Black Flag
49. Black Crowes
50. Bee Gees
51. Alice in Chains
52. Blind Melon
53. Phish
54. The Beach Boys
55. Red Hot Chili Peppers
56. Whitesnake
57. Jewel
58. Dinosaur Jr
59. matchbox twenty
60. Nine Inch Nails
61. Green Day
62. Spoon
63. Eagles
64. Dead Kennedys
65. Great White
66. The Postal Service
67. Cowboy Junkies
68. Cake
69. Pet Shop Boys
70. The Carpenters
71. 311
72. Jane's Addiction
73. D12
74. Go-Go's

Now this is the official list, however there are several other artists/bands that I can see depicted in the picture, however they're not the ones the game wants.

Note: If you're going to enter them into the competition, you need to make sure you use the same wording and punctuation - the capitialisation shouldn't be a problem, but capitilise exactly the same to be sure.

I've added notes to the "glued" pic in Flickr showing where all the artists/bands are. The only ones that have a slight tenuous link are 311 and D12 - they're correct because they validate, however I had to do a bit of creative thinking for their location on the picture, so the location may be wrong.

We'll have to wait for Virgin to release the actual answers to see how right I was with the locations.