This didn't make the news in this neck of the world, but it made a brief appearance in SA - "Drunk fan tries to steal Cup". An overly jubilant fan decided that he wanted to get his picture taken with the rugby World Cup trophy too. Not content with watching from the side lines, and being too poor to own a computer to Photoshop himself into a picture with the trophy, he decided to jump the barrier and go for the real deal.

Now, if you wondered what he looked like, and if he managed to get his picture with the trophy, I can reveal he did. Check these pics out (click to enlarge)...

RWC Trophy 1     RWC Trophy 2
RWC Trophy 3     RWC Trophy 4
RWC Trophy 5     RWC Trophy 6
RWC Trophy 7     RWC Trophy 8

Now after seeing these, I think the news headline may be a bit wrong - he didn't want to steal the trophy, just get in on the action.