When I first got my car, I noticed a button in the centre console the I've never seen before and had no idea what it was for...

The W Button on My VW Golf

According to the manual, it's the "Winter mode" button. I thought to myself at the time: "I'll never need to use that." I was so wrong. I got to use my "W" this morning, and what a difference it made.

If you're not in the UK, you won't know that it's effectively shut for the day. Parts of Britain have had up to 15cm (6in) of snow overnight (or a foot if you read The Times), and apparently there's more to come. Unfortunately, this means almost NOTHING will be open/working today. Britain breaks if it snows more than about 3cm.

Anyway, the boy from Africa made it to work in one piece and on time in his snow mobile with it's fancy "W" mode. Sadly, not many of the colleagues have made it yet, or are even attempting it, and some of them live within about 5 miles of work.

I've taken loads of photos on my way to work, so will upload them later today. Until then, you can awe at my "W" button above or Nelson Mandela selling ice-creams in Parliament Square:

Nelson Mandela In the Snow

(Source:The Times)

Update: I realised after Mum's comment that I forgot to actually say what the W button does. Well, it reduces the power going to the wheels so when you put your foot on the accelerator, the wheels don't spin in the snow. I'm sure it does a lot more fancy stuff too, but this is what I felt it do and it made driving in the snow sooooo much easier, especially when pulling off or going up hills.

Update: I've uploaded today's pics to SmugMug now: Slideshow is here.