With petrol prices hovering round the £1 mark, protests are on the cards for Gordon Brown to review (reduce) the current level of tax imposed on petrol in the UK - at the moment, for every £50 we spend at the pumps, Gordy gets £37 of it in tax and VAT. The cost of a barrel of oil has gone up, and as a result, so has the amount of money the government makes off the sales of petrol (oh and we're not seeing the improved roads etc for the extra cash they're making either). However, people are just not listening. It's been plastered all over the news and internet news sites - the protests are not going to affect the availability of petrol and there is currently no shortage of fuel in the UK, so DON'T panic buy. Well, you guessed it, the petrol stations are heaving.

Which part of "Do NOT panic buy" do people not understand. Next they'll be complaining that petrol stations have no petrol - well duh, that's because you've stock piled on petrol you don't really need. What's even more crazy, is people actually phone 999 to try and get information on petrol availability.