Now how's this for a clock for the geek or mathematician in you life...

Geek Clock

Each numeral on the clock has been replaced with a geeky alternative expression, which is generally pretty damn close to the actual figure they're representing.

For those who haven't lost interest already, they're:

  1. Legendre's constant
  2. "An infinite number of mathematicians..."
  3. A Unicode character as a HTML entity
  4. Modular arithmetic
  5. The Golden Mean reworked a little
  6. Three Factorial (3*2*1)
  7. 6.99999.. Though a different number than 7, still equals 7
  8. Graphical representation of Binary code
  9. An example of a base-4 number
  10. A Binomial Coefficient
  11. An example of Hexadecimal encoding
  12. The cube root is the inverse of 12^3