Richard HammondIf you've been reading or watching the news, I'm sure you'll have heard about the accident Top Gear's Richard Hammond was involved in yesterday. For those who don't know, he was attempting to break the British landspeed record during a recording for Top Gear. Apparently he managed to break the record and then was doing another run for some more material for the show. It was during this run, at about 280mph (~450kph), that things went wrong.

Now at this speed, you're bound to get hurt if something goes wrong, but I can't say I agree with how the news stories report it - they all say he's "critically ill". No he's not, he's "critically injured". He doesn't have a runny nose, or some bacterial or viral infection - he's got broken bones and scrapes and scratches. Last time I checked, that was called an "injury" not an "illness".

Anyway, I really hope Richard recovers well and comes back just as strong and plucky as he was before, maybe just a little wary of such insane speeds. You just know that if he does, that accident will be on Top Gear and they'll make it look pretty damn awesome too.