No, not the muscian/rapper, South Africa's Former deputy president, Jacob Zuma, who immediately following fraud charges, is now facing rape charges.

You see Jay Z was a very naughty boy and apparently raped an HIV positive family friend - hmmm, some friend.

Anyway, the HIV status came up in the ongoing court case along with the fact that Mr Zuma knew but still didn't use a condom. Instead he had a shower. A SHOWER???!!!!

He's quoted to have said "I knew the risk was very minimal (who says "very minimal"???) and he went on to say he knew there was a risk of getting HIV/AIDS, but he believed it was small, from knowledge he had gained whilst serving on the Aids Council.

This same council must have told him taking a shower after the act "… would minimise the risk of contracting the disease ....

Oh and of course the health minister, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang refuses to comment on Jay Z's wreckless actions for fear of influencing the court case with her opinion. Come on your stupid woman, condemning his comments is not giving an opinion on his guilt status.

The country is rife with HIV/AIDS and it really doesn't need former politicians telling them crap like this.

I must say, I'm loving the headlines News24 are coming up with...

Even Madam & Eve are taking the mick out of Jacob today.