Look what I woke up to this morning...

Snow to the left of me Snow to the right of me Snow snow snow Snow Lavender
Snow Sweetpea Bird Prints in the snow An Inch of snow Our back 'garden' covered in snow
Pretty looking dead pot plants Snowy Trees Snowy Tree (1) Snowy Tree (2)

Global warming shmarming. It's 6 April, our clocks say it's summer (BST) and it's snowing - and appears to have snowed over an inch's worth overnight. I've never seen it snow this much in the south of England in the time I've been here.

Just yesterday I was playing with my camera and took these of the squirrels that were scampering in the trees out back and the neighbour's garden up the road...

Squirrel in a tree (1) Squirrel in a tree (2) Spring Time Flowers

Spring yesterday. Winter today. I just think our weather system is a little out of kilter.