I've got several Gmail accounts that I actively use for general email, backup and formal uses. Now due to some legal wranglings in the UK, Gmail has had to stop using the name Gmail in the UK and has changed to be called GoogleMail for all new UK users. It still remains Gmail for the rest of the world (except Germany where a similar problem occured) and those registered before the cut off date (I'm not sure what this is).

As an avid blog an news reader, I regularily hear about all these cool new features being added to Gmail, but when I check my account, these new features are no where to be found. I soon learnt that these features tend to take several months to propogate to the UK version, which is very frustrating. The interface is also slightly different - for example, for some reason, the lovely people at Google seem to think the UK English like to "Move to Deleted Items" when they delete and email, whilst our American friends get to "Delete" - why oh why? We know how to "Delete" in the UK too.

Anyway, today I realised I too can have these features, with only the slightest of compromises - I found that if I just changed my preferred language in the Gmail preferences from English (UK) to English (US), I too could access all the new features. Simple as that. I thought Google may have done some sort of IP checking or some such, but nope - just the language setting seems to be used.

For those interested, GMail is currently offering 2683 MB (and growing) of FREE email space that you can access from anywhere with an internet connection. If you would like or need a Gmail invite - let me know, I've got about 150 invites to give away.

Update: If you want an invited, you have to put a valid email address in the contact form, else your invite will go to the wrong person, or no one at all.