Gmail logoDid you know people are selling Gmail invites on Ebay? Yup, invites to a FREE email service are being sold on Ebay. At the moment each invite seems to be going for about £1, but before Google started handing out the invites like there's no tomorrow, some were fetching as much as £100. Yup, you read right, £100!!! for something that is essentially free.

Well, I'm not that much of a money scrounging fool, I've got 50 invites to give away if anyone wants one. So spread the news, PingBack to this post (PingBack URI) from your blog and I'll come hunting for your email address on your blog and send you an invite. Simple really.

Now this is the true test to see how well Google and MSN index my blog :-)

Oh, and please remember, I'm only offering these to people who pingback to this post, so don't leave a comment asking for an invite.