Every year one of Jo'burg's top radio stations, 94.7 Highveld Stereo, does this thing called the Rude Awakening's Christmas Wish. Listeners get the chance write in asking Highveld to grant a Christmas wish to someone they know for one reason or another, whether it's because they've had a hard time recently, they're hard up or they're a pillar of the community. It's not about "Dude, I want a Ferrari" or "I've been a very good boy this year, can I please have a new bike". It's about doing something special for those that really deserve it.

Last week they arranged for a kids school fees, uniforms and sports equipment to be provided for him until he graduates. This was kindly sponsored by Spar.

Recently, I've taken to recording the Rude Awakening every morning straight from their audio stream. Thanks to the 2 hour time difference, it's finished by the time I wake up, so I can load it onto my iPod and listen at work or on my way home.

It's thanks to this, I was lucky enough to hear one of yesterday's wishes being granted, and I have to admit I blubbed.

Yesterday, they granted a lady's 28 year mentally handicapped son, his biggest wish ever - to ride in a fire engine. They arranged for the Ekurhuleni fire brigade to visit his school, dress him up as a fireman and take him for a spin. They also organised a party at the fire station so he could get the chance to be a fireman for a day.

I tell you now, it was sooo moving to hear the story of this young chaps life and have it all end with something so simple. So much so, I've trimmed and uploaded the recording so you too can blub a little too.

Sit back, listen, blub and enjoy.


Update: Added an audio player so it should be easier to listen to on any browser with a Flash plugin.