659727556On Wednesday evening Claire and I decided what we'd do with the last kilogram of our balcony grown tomatoes: make tomato sauce aka ketchup.

We've had our eye on this recipe from Delicious Magazine for a while but have been patiently waiting for our tomatoes to ripen. We've also been umming and aahhhing over whether this is really what we wanted to do with all those tomatoes, especially when we're big fans of All Gold tomato sauce - the best tomato sauce in the world. I think it knocks the socks off Heinz in terms of flavour and consistency.

A kilogram of tomatoes, some spices, vinegar and a couple of hours later we bottled our first and only full bottle of homemade tomato sauce (there was a little bit that wouldn't fit which has gone into a small jar) and wow is this tasty. We didn't include the mace or allspice as we didn't have any, but it still tastes very very nice. All Gold definitely has some stiff competition in our household now.