I'm sure many many people have been caught by the speed camera as you come down Kloof Nek back towards Cape Town city centre from Camps Bay/Table Mountain cable car station/Lion's Head but I'm sure no one has been caught quite like this nutter...

Not very original with the music choice so turn the volume off if you've heard this before ;-)

Of course the guy on the skateboard isn't likely to be the one who tripped the camera... the guy behind in the car is, however imagine getting that photo in the post. I'm sure the driver of the car won't mind paying that fine.

Oh and needless to say this is insanely stupid and could have gone so terribly wrong, but for the moment this man with his big shiny steel ones and mad skateboard skills is getting his vid plastered all over the internet so he won't mind tipping in to pay the speeding fine his buddy has just got filming this.