Well, folks it's with remorse that I have to confirm that I am indeed human after all. After years of immaculate health without a single cold, I'm sad to say I've now got a cold - and a very snotty one at that. I've got so much snot pouring out of my head and down my throat I don't know what to do - do kids still find slime cool?

I suspect my decrease in exercise in the build up to Christmas is probably to blame. I ended off the working year feeling quite mentally and physically tired, so wasn't really taxing myself in the gym. As a result my immune system is likely to have taken an early holiday too. This in turn allowed the little bugs Fiona, Alan, Elizabeth and Claire were taking care of in the build up to Christmas to take hold when we all got together for Christmas. As a result I had the fortune of leaving the in-laws with a green tash that would match Elizabeth's finest efforts - well, I could have if I didn't have some sort of self respect.

There is one good side to this: I don't know what man-flu is, so don't know how I should behave. I'll have to spend some time looking up what the symptoms of man-flu are and if it sets in, I'll know what to do.