So you're into mountain biking in a big way. You like to take in a bit of fresh air and regularly hit the paths and hills of your local woods and soon you find yourself hankering for something more. Some speed. So you take up downhill racing and that just blows your mind and your really love it, but you still want more.

Enter the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo Race in Valparaiso in Chile. This isn't your normal downhill race, this is the ultimate urban downhill race where riders pitch their skills against insane jumps, stray dogs, curbs and flights of stairs whilst careering down a hill at breakneck speeds, and given the route I'm about to show you, that is exactly the outcome if your come off.

Fire up this video in full screen, grab a rolling pin/stick/broom handle in both hands, sit back and imagine you're in the rider's shoes and enjoy...

Now tell me that's not insanity at it's finest.

You can see the winner, Filip Polc's qualifying run on YouTube. It's not as high a quality as the one here, but pretty impressive none-the-less as this guy is seriously quick.