Interesting links for 2 Oct 07 - 18 Oct 07:

  • ASU team detects earliest modern humans - ... and they found then in South Africa. So now everyone has a South African relative in their family tree ;-).
  • Amazon punts "special" beads to UK kiddies - NSFW: See what Amazon are now selling to kiddies in the UK. It's a bargin too with used prices starting at £2.99. This is brilliant. Take note of the item description and "by". This made me laugh like a drain.
  • Purpose of appendix believed found - Now we know. Your appendix is there as a "break glass in case of emergency" device for your gut. I guess we won't be needing those useless probiotic yogurts anymore.
  • William Hundley - Photographer - This guy's pictures are really cool. He gets people to drap a sheet over themselves and then jump. He captures the shot whilst the person is in the air. The result is quite amazing.
  • Phonecalls and texts to be logged - I guess VoIP in the UK is suddenly going to get a lot more popular after this law was introduced. The Brits don't like their data being recorded, and whilst the actual call won't be recorded (yet), they won't like what is.