Interesting links for 20 April 2007 - 21 April 2007:

  • Blood 'may provide new HIV drug' - Now this would be brilliant. They always said the cure for HIV/AIDS would come from Africa, but who'd have thought it may actually come from within us.
  • Iconic Banksy Image Painted Over - Hmmm, one less tourist attraction thanks to TfL
  • Crocs Banned in Swedish Hospital - These should be banned from everywhere. These are the most hideous shoes I have ever seen.
  • Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality - This is one of the things that winds me up - why can't my food look like the pics in the adverts? Isn't this a form of false representation, or misleading advertising?
  • Who is Sick? - Hypochondriacs unite. A whole website devoted to people bragging about their illnesses. Oooo, my tummy hurts, I know, I'll post it on the internet.