Interesting links for 3 Jun 08 - 10 Jun 08:

  • S Africa to launch battery car - Oh the irony of it. Whilst a great idea, it has one fundamental flaw: you charge it via the mains at night! Yup, right when Eskom shutdown the power cos they don't think you need it then.
  • Free swimming to be 2012 legacy - Somehow I don't think this will turn Britain into the next Australia in the Olympic pool, but it's a nice try. Hopefully this will include the indoor pools too and not just lidos.
  • Robot teddy bear car navigation system - I think this would be even cooler if they dressed the bear up to look like Super Ted
  • Cyclists allowed wrong way up one-way streets - It's about time, but boy has this topic got motorists riles. I'm a motorist AND a cyclist and I'm all for this change. Everyone does it anyway.
  • Asda unveils the 2p sausage. - These are probably the most revolting sausages you've ever tasted. I'm NOT going to be trying these. I like my sausages to be mostly meat, not filler.