Interesting links for 31 Jul 09 - 10 Sep 09:

  • Makeover for SA gender-row runner - See, told you she was a lady. Maybe she should have hit the track all tarted up to keep the IAAF happy.
  • Pigeon beats Telkom - He did it. Winston proved that good old fashioned homing pigeons are way quicker to send data than Telkom's 1mbps ADSL. Pity you can't surf the internet with a pigeon.
  • Pigeon beats ADSL handsdown .. classic. - What a brilliant way to kick Telkom (South Africa's largest telecoms company) into gear and make them catch a wake up about their high costs and bad service.
  • Canada shocked to learn Huntley wasn't last white in SA - Haa haa haa. I love how the South Africans in Canada are treated like the Aussies in the UK - they're all bar or restaurant workers. Pity someone filled them in on the truth - claiming refugee status in Canada was top of my list of things to do next.
  • Mosquitoes deliver malaria 'vaccine' through bites - What a great idea. Pity it's not feasible on a large scale yet, but who knows, maybe it will be in the future. This will save millions of lives.