I work with a Polish guy and following a recent trip back home, he brought some rather tasty biscuits into the office for us all to share. At the time he just called them "hedgehog" biscuits, which I took to be a childhood name for them, or possibly something to do with their appearance - with a stretch of the imagination.

Well, this weekend I happened to notice them in Tesco (I think Tesco should start catering for the South African community like they do the Polish) so bought a pack for Claire and I to share. As with the ones my colleague brought in, these were very yummy and didn't last very long. We did however find a little gold image of a hedgehog on the pack and thought that was why they're called hedgehog biscuits.

How wrong we were. Today I used Google image search to do a bit of translating (the actual translation tool wasn't being very consistent and certainly wasn't giving me the answer I wanted) and got my answer - the name of the biscuits: Jeżyki is Polish for hedgehog. However the best thing about doing this image search was I found this cute little picture...

Jeżyki = Baby Hedgehogs

These little guys are soooooo cute.

So now I know a new word, I've satisfied my curiosity and found a cute picture too. And who said the internet was just full of porn?