The second of this year's major sporting events kicks off at 8:30am GMT today...

Cricket WorldCup 2011 Logo

... with India taking on Bangladesh (full schedule). Sadly I won't be able to watch any of this live on TV as Sky have all the rights, and I don't think I would be able to watch it all even if I could: there are a lot of matches as this one heck of a long-winded and drawn out method of getting the top 8 through to the quarter finals stage. We all know who's going to get through so I'm not sure I understand the need for such a long tournament.

Anyway, I will be keeping and eye on the games, listening to the big clashes on the radio or online and watching as many of the hightlights as I can - holding thumbs the Beeb put them on the iPlayer as I'm not staying up until 23:50 each night.

Good luck South Africa... lets hope that the Proteas finally manage to win this one. They've come so close before, but never actually won it.