I know this is lowering the tone a bit, but it's quite strange how silly ideas I have, crop up in the world later. The other evening, I was contemplating an invention that could possible make me millions. After a while, the idea of liquid nitrogen freezing doggy doo came up. Once the steamer was no longer steaming and frozen solid, you could smash it into tiny little pieces (with a golf club possibly) thus getting rid of the "treat" without using your hands and at the same time fertilizing the surrounding soil. The idea originated from my "fertilising" days when mowing the lawn - I didn't pick up the dogs' presents, I just mowed them over sending a splatter across the garden.

Now, this is the strange part - the very next day, an article appeared on one of the blogs I read - "New spray freezes dog turds so they don't squish when you scoop."
Student of the Year Idea

Apparently some student has won a Student of the Year award for this idea.

Unfortunately, he's never going to be able to patent it - this cartoon appeared in a 1975 edition of MAD magazine.
MAD Invention in 1975