For those who missed it, here are some pics I took of the lunar eclipse that occurred last night:

lunar eclipse @ 20:46 GMTlunar eclipse @ 21:36 GMTlunar eclipse @ 21:50 GMTlunar eclipse @ 22:24 GMTlunar eclipse @ 23:19 GMT

This is my first step into night photography with my Nikon D50 and I'm quite impressed with the results. Naturally, I could do with a bit more practise.

I did have to do a bit of improvising - I don't have a proper camera tripod yet, so I located a spare bolt (from our old bed) and bolted my camera to the tripod of the telescope I've got (got it for long service at Sun). This did pretty much what a normal tripod does except without a conventional head.

I'm pretty impressed with the shots - only the total eclipse seems to have suffered any noticeable blur, and this was caused by the shutter - I don't have a remote, so I couldn't do the mirror lock-up trick used to prevent this.