Madam & Eve

One of the things I read on a daily basis is the Madam & Eve cartoon. Now with all the other news site and blogs I read, I've switched to using my mail client, Thunderbird, to view the RSS feeds.

I soon discovered that the Madam & Eve site doesn't have a RSS feed for the daily cartoon. Well, that's not a problem... I've hacked up a little script that will check the M&E site daily and then display the last 7 days worth of cartoons in a RSS feed. I've put the feed here for those who want to use it. One word of warning... it's a bit of a hack and hasn't gone through much testing, but it should work.

I'll check it daily for a week or two to be sure. If you spot any probs, let me know.

Update: It's broken... it doesn't work with all aggregators, so I've stopped it updating. Will rewrite it sometime.

Update: It works now. I've whipped up my first Python script which seems to do the trick.

Update: 22 May 05Updated script to run every day now. Madam & Eve is now updated daily.