New iPod (Video)

Yesterday Apple announced some more cool stuff.

The iPod has been updated to now show videos too. Ok, it's slightly more than an upgrade as it's also ever so slightly wider (to accommodate the wider display) and accordingly iTunes has been updated to let you view videos.

In turn, the iTunes store has been updated, so now you can buy music videos and episodes of your favourite TV progams like Desperate House Wives.

They also announce the new iMac G5 - this is basically the old iMac G5, but with a built in webcam (iSight) and comes with a little remote control. A remote control?? Yup, because it also comes with some pretty cool software called Frontrow which allows you to view your videos, DVDs, music, pictures and all other media without using a keyboard or mouse.

Looks like Apple are trying to get into the Home Media Centre market which Microsoft has been mostly occupying with it's Windows Media Centre Edition.

However, there is one glaring omission from the new iMac - if it's aimed at getting into people's living room, then surely it would have been a brilliant idea to bung in a TV tuner (digital preferably) and then some PVR software to cover all the remaining bases. Who knows, maybe that will be announced at the next big Apple day out.