I finally got the chance to meet my future niece (in-law?) on the weekend and she's gorgeous. She's also ever so teeny weeny - yes I'm aware babies only come in small sizes, but I don't remember Emma and Sarah being this small when they were born. Come to think of it, I was a lot smaller then too :-) .

Anyway, as promised, I've uploaded the rest of the pictures we have of Fiona and Alan's little darling, Elizabeth. Click on each one to see a larger image. They'll also appear in my Family album in my gallery. I didn't take any this weekend when I visited, but might next time we go visit. Enjoy.

Elizabeth and her proud daddy Elizabeth Claire Brooks (1)
Elizabeth Claire Brooks (2) Elizabeth Claire Brooks (3)
Smile for the Camera Elizabeth Snoozing
Elizabeth Snoozing Some More Elizabeth's Bed
Winston Elizabeth and Winston