The official blurp about this docu-movie starts with...

Line Of Sight is a rare view into underground bicycle messenger racing which has become a global phenomenon. For over a decade Lucas Brunelle has been riding with the fastest, most skilled urban cyclists around the world while capturing all the action with his customized helmet cameras to bring you along for the ride.

This is bike riding like you've never seen before, in gripping first-person perspective through the most hectic city streets, on expressways in Mexico City, over the frozen Charles River, under the Mediterranean Sea, across the Great Wall of China and deep into the jungles of Guatemala.

I've only seen the trailer above and I think the first part of the second paragraph should be rephrased... "watch these crazy fools nearly kill themselves on expressways..." etc. I've heard the bicycle messengers in New York are quite a crazy bunch, but this video shows these guys are insane.

Think I'll stick with my desk job and considerably less eventful commute to and from work each morning.