I realised something today... I've been in the UK permanently now for 6 whole years (the taxman considers my 14 months in Spain as still being UK resident). I arrived around about the middle of February 1999 (the 16th if I recall correctly - will have to check my passport) so this past week has been the beginning of my 7th year in the UK.

What a week it's been. As I come from South Africa, I never really got to experience the joys of building a snowman or go tobogganing as a child. To be honest, it was only a couple of years ago that I actually saw enough snow first hand to even attempt such things. So as you can imagine, the novelty of snow hasn't worn off (I'm like a little child when it snows). Well, to christen the start of my seventh year in the UK, the weather decided it would be appropriate to snow everyday this week. Granted it has been a feable attempt at snow, that is until today.

Last night once again we had a light snowfall, so there was only a light dusting of snow on the roads and cars. Well, now it's a think coating... it's been snowing here non-stop since about 9:30am. Hopefully it'll keep snowing heavily (easing up so we can get home in one piece) and then snow all weekend so I can finally build a big snowman. Bring on the snow.