Screenshot of my calendar page.I've been meaning to do this for a very very very long time, and now I finally have. My new and improved calendar is available for all to see.

I used to use a bodged together script that used to scrape the calendar server here at work. Well, now I don't. Instead I've implemented PHPiCalendar and performed a serious amount of customisation in order to get it to look the way it does (the default look is quite boring). I've also limited the default installation as I don't need or want all the functionality that PHPiCalendar provides.

Now my calendar shows 4 calendars in one - my work calendar (managed at work), my general calendar (managed on Google), my birthdays and anniversaries calendar (managed at home) and a general UK bank holiday calendar (courtesy of Google). All are drawn from ical files and updated every 12 hours.

If you use my calendar to keep track of my whereabouts, I hope you like the new one.