My Mac Mini arrived on Friday. Unfortunately, I was working till 9pm, so didn't get the chance to play that evening, but first thing Saturday I went to go collect my monitor (missed the delivery twice). Once home, I made Claire some tea, and took it to her in bed along with a newspaper and I sat down to setup my new toy.

Well, a couple of hours later, my Mac Mini was fully installed, updated, on my wireless network and I was surfing the net for sites providing tips and tricks on how to use this little beasty.

Well, I think I've got to grasps with most of Mac OS X's user intricacies and even encountered a couple of niggles which I'm sure I'll get used to, or find a way to work around them.

And of course, a couple of pics for all to see my new toy...

All the BoxesMini Boxes Closeup
Messy-ish DeskTidy Desk

For those interested, I went for the full wireless options, thus using the bluetooth keyboard and mouse and Wi-Fi networking, and the monitor I went for is a Samsung 172X. It looks like the Apple displays, just smaller and way cheaper.