Last year 3½ year old Lily Robinson had a very important question about Sainsbury’s Tiger bread that needed sorting out and this one her mummy couldn't answer. So what did she do? Tweet about it? Nope... how many 3 year olds have a Twitter account? Blog about it? Nope. She wrote a letter directly to Sainsbury's


Now normally, these kind of "silly" letters are sent straight to the bin after everyone in the office has had a little chortle. Not this one. Lily's letter was forwarded to a customer care manager who wrote this very impressive reply...


I think this is fantastic and I especially love that he signed off with his age just like Lily did. This is the kind of customer service I'd expect from Waitrose, not Sainsbury's. Nice one Sainsbury's, give this man a payrise, more than the £3 gift card though ;-) .