Forget what you've been taught at school. Forget what your calculator says. They know nothing. Dr James Anderson, from the University of Reading (why do these fools have to live in my area?), has proven you CAN divide by zero by..... wait for it .... creating a new number called "nullity". Now this isn't a normal number, oh no, it's a number which sits outside the conventional number line. Well, of course it does. Where else would it be?

My understanding of this new theory is that when you divide by zero, using this theory, you get "nullity". This sits somewhere between negative infinity and infinity. Oh, so it's pretty accurate then :-D .

I love one of the comments on the story:

... And then, say you have a flight computer, as the above article suggests, that needs to divide by zero, and then add 100, and that's how many yards it has left till it hits the ground. x/0+100=nullity, so it has anywhere between infinity and negative infinity until it crashes. ...

Oh, and that number line you learnt about, it's not a line anymore - it's a circle in this theory.

I've not watched the details yet, but this guy has certainly shown the perfect way to piss of hundreds, if not thousands or mathematicians. Nice one.