Champion's League LogoYou've got to love the Greeks for their initiative. Apparently the Greek police will be using paintball guns as part of their arsenal to control the 50 000 AC Milan and Liverpool fans at tomorrow night's Champion's League final in Athens.

Of course, they'll only use them to control the mob if a riot breaks out, but I think it's a brilliant way of calming the yobbos down, acting as a deterrent and clearly marking out which ones need to be arrested if things do kick off. The yobs will think twice about causing trouble now - if the pain of one of those little red balls smashing into their chest is not enough of a deterrent, the bright red (or other colour) splat mark "labeling" them will.

Naturally, some people aren't too happy with this idea and are quick to point out the safety issues like blindness, but they're not so quick to come up with alternatives that would actually work. CCTV is not going to work when none of the hooligans are likely to actually be Greek

As for the blindness issue - if "Careful, you'll have someone's eye out with that" were actually true, anything smaller than the eye socket would be banned these days. Please come up with a better reason when whining.