I'm starting to get really peeved with the damn media in this country... the news this morning was all about the first confirmed case of bird flu in GB. The press had a field day with this bit of news and hypothesizing if this is the "deadly" H5N1 strain, which it turned out to be and then anouncing that ministers were holding "crisis" talks. Then they go on to tell everyone not to panic.

Arrggghhh!!!! Stop sensationalising this damn bird flu story in the one breath and then telling everyone not to panic in the other!!!

Sensationalising it is only going to get the 3.5 million (or however many) `The Sun` readers panicking over nothing. No matter how much you say "Don't Panic", these people of lesser intelligence are just going cotton onto the words "deadly", "crisis" and any other shock words used in these articles and bloody well panic. They're sensationalism addicts and you're just feeding this craving.

For crying out loud, STOP!!!!