Sometimes the English are a little fickle about the stuff broadcast on TV and radio. People complain about insults, innuendo and out right misbehaviour (though this last one wasn't actually initially heard by anywhere near as many people as those who complained), but no one seems to have made any complaints about Ford's "Go Find It" advert gracing our TV screens.

Apparently this advert has 80 Ford Kas (using an apostrophe here looks better, but is grammatically incorrect, so I haven't) hidden in it...

Find them all? No? Well this video will help you locate them all. But that's not the point of this post.

Watch the video above again, but this time, DON'T look for cars, look for phallic ice lollies. Spot it?

Now it certainly can't just be me who thinks that lady is giving a child a penis-shaped ice lolly. I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised some over-sensitive busy-body out there hasn't taken offense and thought this inappropriate and reported it to OFCOM.

Maybe someone will, but until then, I'll always notice the ice lolly and not all the cars, and now you will too :-D