As you know, due to the Pope's death, Prince Charles has decided to move his wedding with Camilla Parker-Bowles to this Saturday so he can attend the Pope's funeral. Of course, this has resulted in one teeny weeny problem - a lot of the memorabilia already made has the wrong date on it. Some people of speculating that in a long time from now, these will be worth a fortune. As you can imagine, every Tom, Dick & Harry is going to try get their hands on some of this "dud" stuff with the idea of earning a packet in the future.

I can just picture the episode of the BBC program, Antiques Road Show in 60 years time. There will be this doddering old lady with her commemorative Charles and Camilla plate (with the wrong date) in her hand. She'll have her discussion with the "specialist" and then finally pose the ultimate question - "So then, how much is it worth?".

I picture the response to be something along the following lines...

Well, it's interesting that you ask. As many know, the Prince of Wales (or King) had to move his wedding to the next day so he could attend the funeral of Pope John Paul II. Now, in the early 2000's, there were these things called websites on which people used to sell their posessions - one notable one was called EBay. Unfortunately, most of the people in the early 2000's were money grabbing fools who sold anything, including their own body parts ,in a bid to make a fortune. As a result, millions of people all over the world rush at the opportunity to obtain the commemorative items with the wrong date in a bid to sell it at a later date for a small fortune. With this in mind, I value this lovely plate you have at £10. May I ask how much you paid for it?

Of course the old dear was a 20 year old at the time and probably paid in the region of £50 for the plate. :-D