This weekend must have been one of the most productive weekends we've had in ages thanks to "Jones's Van Services". :-)

I've been meaning to tidy out the garage for some time now. It's been slowly accumulating crap destined for the tip, but I'd not actually got round to taking it there. I'm off work this week for a little bit of R&R, "de-procrastination" and to get on top of some of the DIY I've been wanting to do for some time and had the intentions of taking all the stuff to the tip during the week. However, Claire found out Becki had the services of a van over the weekend, so we capitalised on this opportunity.

As usual, I went for my run early on Saturday morning. Once back, I showered and then Claire and I set to getting rid of all the crap from in the flat. We then hit the garage and tidied it up and piled all the crap destined for the tip at the front of the garage. That afternoon we took a quick'ish trip to the tip to see if we could get in there with the van (the website said to call ahead, but the number is Mon-Fri only). We used the opportunity to drop off the pile of paint tins we'd accumulated/located in the garage. All was good - no height restrictions or charging in place (it's free anyway, but some sites assume that as you have a van, you've got trade waste and thus must pay).

Saturday evening was a belter... whilst thousands of people around the country were out getting pissed, we were wondering around IKEA and eating Swedish meatballs in their restaurant; Is this a sign I'm getting old?

Anyway, we were up nice and early on Sunday morning, filled the van with the junk piled in the garage and headed for the tip. 10am is definitely the time to visit the tip - it's too early for most people, so we didn't have much of a wait. 25 minutes later and the van was empty and we were bombing up the M4 to Slough to help Becki with her stuff (which she had got the van for originally). Yesterday afternoon was spent building the wardrobe we'd bought from IKEA.

So, now we have more space for our clothes, a lot less crap and a garage that you can, dare I say it, actually park a car in (the Brits don't generally use garages for cars - they're for storing crap). All in all, a very productive weekend.

I'm totally knackered today so I'm having a quiet one before I tackle the rest of my to do list.