Nope, not a single one, unless you consider "ass" as a profanity. Yup, you guessed it, within days of releasing OpenSolaris, people have already been scrounging through the source code (source code browser) looking for profanities, but without much luck.

The closest they could find was:

This bit me in the ass a couple of times, so lets toss this in as a cursory sanity check

... in the actual Solaris code. There was a "crap" in the Perl code, but this is not developed by Sun, just supplied as part of OpenSolaris.

This article lists several others amusing quotes including a quote from Lord of the Rings and a reference to an extract from Monty Python. My favourite has to be in a bit of code from the GRUB (boot loader) source...

This function is truly horrid... we try opening the device, then severely abuse the GEOMETRY->flags field to pass a file descriptor to biosdisk. Thank God nobody's looking at this comment, or my reputation would be ruined.