Pronto CondomsHow's this for a bit of South African enginuity: super quick slick condoms brought to you by Prontocondoms out of Stellenbosch. Now you're probably wondering, what the hell am I talking about. Well, these enterprising chappies from Stellenbosch have devised a method of putting on a condom super quick without any fuss. Check out the demo to see how impressively quick it is. Now that you've seen how it all works, check out the great South African humour in two fantastic adverts, using mocking two of South Africa's most upstanding HIV/AIDS awareness advocates: Jacob [Zuma] and Manto [Tshabalala-Msimang].

Now there's just no excuse.

Update: Seems the Beeb is a bit slow at catching on. This has been on nearly every SA blog I read already. I guess they're a prime candidate for these boys.