My old neighbourhood (Randburg, near Jo'burg) has seen a fair bit of school level violence this week. On Saturday a King Edward VII School (KES) school boy was stabbed to death at a house party in Randburg, and then on Tuesday a girl at my old high school (Ferndale High, also in Randburg) took a bit of sweet revenge by stabbing a boy in the face with a broken bottle. Nice!

It seems there's been a fair bit of school level violence around Jo'burg recently and it seems to be involving more and more of the northern suburb schools too. When I was a kid, this kind of thing was almost exclusive to the southern suburbs (The Hill High was very dodgy), or so it seemed - maybe this was just in my naïve little world :-) .

Whilst the Ferndale stabbing hasn't been as newsworthy as the KES stabbing, it has certainly contributed to today's Madam & Eve cartoon (click for full size):

Madam & Eve - School Violence