Red EspressoWell, after writing about the Red Espresso last year, I can finally say I've tried it and love it.

Mum kindly popped a retail bag of it into the post for me all the way from sunny South Africa.

I haven't got too fancy with it yet, I just brewed up a batch in our espresso percolator, poured the whole lot into a mug, added a teaspoon of honey, a splash of milk and tucked in. In a word: WOW!!

I've never had rooibos so strong; it almost tastes like normal black tea just with the distinct rooibos taste.

Oh, and if you've had rooibos from teabags before, you'll be very surprised by this stuff. It really lives up to the "espresso" part of it's name: it's dark like espresso and very very red.

Now to get my hands on one of those 1kg trade packs...