CCTV With SpeakersCCTV in it's own right, doesn't seem to be enough of a crime deterrent in the UK. Little snots are still acting "anti-socially" and criminals are still going about their own business in complete disregard. Well not anymore. Now, not only will BB watch you, but he'll now tell you to stop picking your nose, tell you to pick up that fag butt you've just dropped and even petrify the crap out of you by bellowing at you from lofy heights. Kind of God like.

Middlesbrough has fitted speakers to 7 of it's CCTV cameras so operators can name and shame asbo-ites (little shits to you and me) and criminals.

Next time you're in Middlesbrough, be careful what you do, as you may just hear "Sis man, don't pick and eat your snot. Yes you, the fat slob man wearing the red Nike hoody, black pants and cheap scuffed black tekkies." (Of course the operator is going to be South African - we're taking over :-) )