I wish researchers would make up their bloody minds about our exposure to sunshine: in one breathe they say, "Oooh, sunshine is bad. It gives you skin cancer and you'll die, so stay out of the sun". Then they say, "Oooh, sunshine is good. It provides you with Vitamin D that helps protect your from cancer and also helps lift your mood and generally makes you a happy smiley person".

Now today they're saying "Oooh, sunshine is bad. Suntan cream is not enough. You need to wear denim and woolly jumpers so you don't get skin cancer, but of course not at the beach".

Make up you bloody minds, and be realistic about it too. Yes, too much sun, like too much of anything, is bad for you and you will get burnt and it may lead to skin cancer, but I think the benefits of sunshine far outweigh the risks. I'd rather be a little greasy (from sun cream) or slightly pink (I go pink, not brown) and happy knowing all the Vitamin D is doing me the world of good, than be sweating my nuts off wearing jeans and a woolly pully in the middle of summer "just in case some sunshine gets to me".

More people are dying from obesity related illnesses than skin cancer because they're all hiding away from the sun already. Research like this is not going to help these lardy arsed obese Playstation generation of developed world. It just gives fat Jonny another excuse to stuff another doughnut in his mouth and plonk his fat arse in front of the TV. Worse still, mummy won't argue either because she doesn't want precious fatty getting skin cancer.