How surprised and shocked would you be if you came home, in the knowledge that no one has been home all day, to find a full sized box sitting on the floor just inside your front door? Not only is there a box, but it also nicely advertising that it was incredibly easy to break into your house with the message:

"Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think."

Well, that's exactly what the Chilean division of security firm ADT did, but instead of actually breaking in, they used a very clever pop-up box advertising their services...

ADT Advert Box
Breaking into your apartment is easier than you think.

Whilst quite scary and a practice that would have ADT reported to the advertising standards in the blink of an eye in the UK, I think this is actually a brilliant idea and certainly a great way to scare people into buying your product.

Now if only I could come up with something to sell to people using a method like this...