My mum and niece went away for the weekend and decided that they were going to have a braai on Sunday evening for dinner. Nothing flash, just two burgers. Now the catch: mum hasn't made a fire in years, if ever, and Sami has never made a fire, let alone one to cook food on.

Fear not, Sami set to it and built the sweetest fire I've every seen...

Sweetest Fire

So neat and tidy and super economical too. She used about 8 to 11 charcoal briquettes in total: a ring of 6 to 8 around a firelighter and what appears to be about 3 over the firelighter.

Needless to say, this was sufficient for them to braai the two hamburgers for their dinner.

Well done Sami. I guess I won't need to do any braaiing when we come to visit at Christmas. You can do it all :-)