Claire and I have just finished watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and much to our surprise, it was a lot better than we were expecting.

It's a story about a man, excellently played by Brad Pitt, who's born old and ages backwards (IMDB provide a fuller explanation of the plot). The movie is very well done with Brad Pitt actually being there as an actor and not just a pretty face and he does a very very good job of it too (I think he may grow to become a very good older actor). The special effects used to make him look older and younger are really well done too. On a side note, I wonder if he'll really look like this when he gets older. We'll have to wait and see.

One thing I did find quite surprising at the time, and is certainly an indication of our times: there is only one - yes one - swear word in the whole film, it comes in the last 10 or so minutes, and it's actually really striking in effect and appropriately used. I think I've become so used to hearing swear words - though I try to keep my own use down to a minimum - particularly in films, that when this little gem popped out, it really took me by surprise.

All in all this is a great film, with quite a good story and some really good acting. Definitely well worth a watch.