Well, as you can see, I'm a bit poor at updating my blog, partly cos I never remember and partly cos I couldn't be arsed, but that's soon to change.

The other day we all received an email at work from our COO (Chief Operating Officer) Jonathan Schwartz telling everyone to get blogging. We now have a blog server setup for Sun peeps to blog to the world about anything we really want. Obviously there was the usual warnings of copyright and leaks etc etc, but we're being encouraged to blog. Check out the Sun Blogs - it's a bit dull and drab on the outside at the mo, but once you start reading the blogs, it all becomes much prettier. Apparently the number of subscriptions has rocketed since the COO's (reminds me of baked beans in SA :-) ) email.

Now, should I carry on my useless ramblings here and there, or just here?