I think the British government has finally woken up to three very important facts:

1. There is a very large number of South Africans living and working in the UK. (we come to steal their jobs, women and housing ;-) )

2. These South Africans do a fair amount of traveling back and forth between SA and the UK

... and ...

3. Biltong and droë wors is a very very lucrative market to be in in the UK. Believe it or not, biltong in the UK costs on average £20/kg (R280/kg).

Why else do you think they'd suddenly become all picky about Saffers stowing away a stukkie biltong or droë wors in their luggage?

The excuse of...

The UK, being an island, has to be sensitive about possible pests that could be brought into the country via food parcels

... doesn't wash with me when they're more than happy to import tons of water filled chicken from the Far East, home of bird flu, and continue to feed their cows crap (remember where Mad Cow disease came from?). Me thinks they just want to stop people bringing in the cheap good stuff that they can't tax.

Whilst I don't like their thinking and excuse, I certainly can't afford to pay a £1000 (R14 000) fine for a little stukkie of the good stuff. That would make it the most expensive stukkie of biltong, EVER.

Thanks for the link Mum.