We've all had it, unsolicited junk emails trying to sell us stuff we really don't want, need or even contemplated purchasing. With all the fancy tools out there, we're slowly getting to grips with email spam and filtering it straight into the bin, where it belongs.

Well, email is not the only place for spam... weblogs (the blog section of this site) are now becoming more and more prone to spam attacks, particularily advertising for online gambling. My blog has not been missed either, I get on average about 10 a week, but the new spam filtering plugin (Spam-Karma) I've implemented does a fantastic job at filtering out the rubbish and letting through the legit comment (the few I get). FYI, other methods turned out to be too severe.

Now there's going to be a new kind of spam... spam over internet telephony, or SPIT. Yup, spit. As internet telephony gets more and more popular (reminds me I must test that s/w for mum) so will spit. Spit will basically be where spammers fill your voicemail in-boxes with junk.

Not really an exciting prospect, and I don't think the telephone preference service will be able to block these either, but I'm sure some genius will come up with a way to filter it straight to the bin.