Yesterday I had the privilege of taking full advantage of one of the "training days" being offered to us at work. It's a whole day dedicated to doing online training courses but with a commute as long as it takes you to get from the bed to the computer, if you even need to get out of bed that is. We get one of these a month and I took my first yesterday to finally get myself learning Java.

It wasn't long before I started feeling a bit chilly sitting by the computer in an empty flat with the heating turned off. So rather than turning the heating on, I grabbed Claire's slanket. What a brilliant move: I was all snug and toasty and saving money too :-) .

I got Claire a slanket for Christmas several years ago and she absolutely loves it. It's huge, warm, ever so practical and great for watching TV or reading a book under. Thanks to the huge sleeves, you don't get cold when reaching for the remote control or steaming hot bevvy either, and this is what proved to be very useful yesterday. I could keep under the blanket and type on the computer at the same time without getting cold. Bonza!!!

I think it may need to find a home a little bit closer to the computer from now on ;-)